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Welcome to the Horseshoe Fish & Game Bowling Pin League.


Bowling Pin League - held on Sunday mornings at the 25 yard range. Start time is around 9 a.m. (See calendar for dates).  Plan to arrive by 8:30 to register. Ammunition:.357 magnum, .40, 44 special or .45 may be used.  No hollow points are allowed


22 Caliber Bowling pin League - will be held on Sunday mornings at the 25 yard range. Start time is around 9 a.m.(See calendar for dates). Plan to arrive by 8:30 to register.  Ammunition: 22 caliber standard velocity only.

The leagues are open to non members.  The cost is $7.00 per week for members and $10.00 per week for non members.

All range rules are in effect.

How it works: Two shooting lanes are available.  5 pins are spotted above half inch holes on each wooden table. For each round the shooter will have 6 shots to knock off  as many pins as possible. (at no time is a shooter allowed to shoot at pins not on the table)  The shooter who clears the most pins off the table first wins the round.  The winner of each round will get 1 point. Each shooter will participate in 4 rounds per week.

  This is a fun league, bragging rights are encouraged.

Current scores for the League are here...

Current scores for the 22 League are here...

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